The Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) is a national leader in providing evidence-based guidance in the establishment, protection and management of a comprehensive Canada-wide network of ecological areas that contribute to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and the provision of the many associated ecological and social benefits that accrue from protected and conserved ecological areas. CCEA brings together leading experts, practitioners and researchers from across the country including representatives from the federal, provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous Peoples and First Nations organizations, researchers from universities and the wider conservation science community, non-governmental organizations and other sectors to foster understanding of contemporary policy, planning and management needs affecting ecological areas. This inclusive collaborative approach enhances collective synergies, innovation and coordination in the development and application of objective solutions-oriented guidance for selecting, establishing, protecting and managing ecological areas to maximize their contributions to biodiversity conservation. CCEA’s 2020-2030 Strategic Framework was developed with the input of partners and associates to guide priority work that serves the needs of those involved in protected and conserved areas and associated biodiversity conservation efforts through to 2030.

For More Informationhttps://ccea-ccae.org/2020-2030-strategic-framework/