The CCUBC was a member society of the Canadian Federation of Biology Societies until its closure on December 31, 2008. CCUBC is also a member of the Canadian Consortium of Research (CCR): in efforts to inform our political leaders about the importance of biology research and education to Canadians. In 2011 CCUBC became a member of The Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (PAGSE): The CCUBC Representative participates in PAGSE's monthly meetings and Bacon and Eggheads series:

The Bacon and Eggheads flagship series brings together Parliamentarians with experts across science and engineering, showcasing outstanding Canadian research accomplishments. Its purpose is to provide unbiased insight into topical scientific issues, within a non-partisan forum in which lobbying is not permitted. This prestigious forum represents a unique opportunity for scientists to communicate important findings to a distinguished and influential audience, which includes key decision-makers. The series is organized by PAGSE, an umbrella group of 25 + science and engineering organizations operating under the auspices of the Royal Society, and is cosponsored by NSERC.

Canadian Consortium of Research (CCR) Response to Budget - April 2015

January 28, 2014

Letter Campaign

Letter sent January 2012 to The Honourable Christian Paradis (Minister of Industry & Minister of State (Agriculture)) addressing CCUBC concerns regarding post graduate scholarship funding from NSERC. Letter in PDF  We would urge everyone to use this letter in your advocacy for this important initiative. Hopefully it can generate further discussion and advocacy within our departments, faculties and universities. Please feel free to also forward it on to your local MPs, or better still, attempt to set up a meeting with them to discuss.

CCUBC Reports Submission to the Science and Technology Consultation,
Industry Canada From the Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs

January 2014 Pre-Budget Consultation Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (PDF)

July 2014

AUCC Advocacy Reports & Briefs

Federal Government Roles and Responsibilities in Higher Education and University Research,
AUCC Submission to the Government of Canada
September 18, 2006.

The Momentum Report from the AUCC.

CCUBC Advocacy Meetings