The Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs is comprised of the Chairs, or Heads of Biology Departments from most universities in Canada. Chairs play a key role in the leadership of Biology Departments and the improvement of Biology research and teaching in Canada. We strive to provide a forum for exchange of information between Chairs for improving Biology teaching and research in Canada.

Why Join CCUBC?
  • CCUBC represents Life Sciences Canadian University Chairs.
  • CCUBC Membership fees subsidies the annual meeting and other CCUBC activities.
  • CCUBC advocates on behalf of Canadian Universities Chairs for better education and research environment.
  • CCUBC Annual Meeting provide invaluable resources for department chairs.
  • CCUBC Annual Meeting provides good networking opportunities to discuss issues related to the Chair position.
  • CCUBC members in good standing have access to free job postings and announcements on the CCUBC website.

CCUBC colleagues and meetings have been invaluable resources during my time as a department chair. The collective wisdom, experience and camaraderie of fellow meeting attendees provide inspiration that the job of department chair is not only manageable, but can actually be a positive experience. I see the CCUBC as a tremendous asset for current and would-be chairs and encourage people from across the country to either become new members or maintain membership and attend the annual meetings.

Michael Caldwell, University of Alberta